Greyhound Spring Summer 2021 "Craft in the city"


Spring/Summer 2021

“Craft in the city”


The cycle of information overloads is repeating itself during work from home periods. How much can we trust flooding news and our newsfeeds? 


With all the times on our hands, we ponder if the luxury of free information… of anything is worth all of it?


At the end of the day, what do we really value?


For Spring/Summer 2021, we turn our attentions to “craftsmanship”, and how we craft our communications and surroundings from the cave-dwelling period to the fake news era. 


“Craft in the City” explores primitive arts through cave drawings where our ancestors recorded and narrated by using freehand techniques, capitalizing on raw instincts and spontaneity. These black and white, innocent “Tribal Screams” are re-interpreted onto constructed, oversized garments. Heat-induced printing techniques utilize body heat to display self-generated patterns. Tie-dyed pieces are handcrafted to create an uneven but contemporary feel.  


Fast forward to the borderless information superhighway bubble where cultures automatically intermingle, the collection examines the necessity of an always-on news cycle. Are these news really new? Are they just recycled, and delivered differently? “Nothing New(s)” inspects the craft of information through newspaper graphic, shredded-paper inspired fringe works, cut and sewn pieces, wrinkles and pleating. 


After all the information overconsumption, “Craft in the City” takes a step back to question the notion of “luxury”. What is “basic”? What is “formal”? What is “red carpet”? “Modern Romance” dives into a highly crafted ready to wear where black tie runs amok towards its streetwear counterpart. The romance of post punk and new wave serves as a soundtrack to accompany the scent of cigar and orange wine at home, digesting crafted and curated information.